25 Reflections: Dreams

A few months ago I stopped into an art exhibit that was happening in Kaysersberg. The title of the exhibit was “Dans Nos Rêves” or “In Our Dreams.” I liked the artwork because it was colorful and whimsical.

Some of the pieces from the “Dans Nos Rêves” exhibit.

I got to talking to an older man who was working at the exhibit. I asked him if he was the artist. He said he wasn’t, but he wife was. She was the photographer, and she had collaborated with other artists to create the collection, which was inspired by dreams.

He then leaned in really close to me, like he was telling me a secret, and said: “That’s the thing about dreams. They have to come true before you can take pictures of them.”

That’s the thing about dreams. They have to come true before you can take pictures of them.

The Guy at the Art Exhibit

I got to thinking about all the pictures I had been taking, and how I really was taking pictures of my dreams coming true. And of course Europe has been a big fat juicy dream with thousands of pictures. But, even before this adventure, most of the pictures I took were of my dreams becoming reality. Marrying Matt. My children being born and growing up. Snow days with my family. Cooper our adorable maniac dog. Moments with friends. Watching my daughters dance. Hikes in nature. Holidays with family. I bet your phone is full of pictures of your dreams coming true too. And if you don’t like to take pictures as much as I do (I take a lot), I hope that your heart is full of pictures.

I used to think that the idea having a “dream come true” was only for the big stuff–and I will admit that lately I’ve had far more than my fair share of the big stuff. But dreams are also made up all the little things–and maybe especially the little things. So here’s to abundant gratitude for all that life brings. For all of the dream pictures we have already taken, and for all the beautiful surprises yet to come.