25 Reflections: There’s No Place Like Home

We’re home. It’s been a long day and I’ve been up for nearly 30 hours. It was the kind of day with 30 hours in it–I woke up in Zurich at 3 a.m., and now it’s bedtime in the Pacific Northwest.

After many months of wandering, we are back where we started. And yet, one never ends up exactly where they started. You never step into the same river twice and all that.

As we approached Seattle, I looked out the window and saw my beautiful Mt. Rainier wearing her winter whites. I was hit with a flood of emotions and found myself suddenly wiping tears. Sydney texted Matt and I from several rows back, “We live in a beautiful place.” Looking out at the blue and white mountains transitioning into silhouettes of dark green trees in the fog–I couldn’t agree more.

And even more than the abundant natural beauty, we love this place most especially because so many of the people we love are here. This is the spot on the planet where we feel the most loved.

Today I confirmed that Dorthy had it right–there truly is no place like home.

black home area rug
Photo by Kelly L on Pexels.com

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