Hello and welcome.

I started this blog two years ago, with full knowledge that blogs are out, everyone is on TikTok, and I am officially a fuddy duddy. But I felt like I wanted to write stuff, and I needed a place to put it, so here we are.

I spent my career in the ballroom dance industry as an instructor, choreographer, and leader. As it turns out, the ballroom dance world is pretty insane. It never fit me quite right, and, if I’m being honest, I’m incredibly relieved it didn’t. But ballroom dance did bring some amazing people into my life. And also ample material for my first novel, which I’ve almost completed.

Immediately after I quit my ballroom gig, I had a little bout with breast cancer. This was the beginning of a lot of other life challenges that brought on a very necessary existential crisis that I’m probably only now emerging from. And in the middle of all of that we uprooted our family, sold our house, and moved to France for 6 months! Highly recommend. (Both the existential crisis and the extended time in France.)

Also, I’m a Mormon. Or LDS, or whatever we’re calling ourselves these days. Which means I have so much to be grateful for and also a lot of cultural trauma to contend with. I love my faith, warts and all, but I’m definitely someone that likes to talk about the warts instead of pretending they aren’t there.

I am married to a brilliant man who you definitely want on your team if you are ever in an escape room or if you find yourself at a trivia night fundraiser. We have three authentic and kind daughters who are all growing up and leaving the nest and I’m not sure I’m okay with that.

I’ve decided that I want to be a gardener and grow things. I have a massive garden project in the works that is probably going to bring on another existential crisis. I’m going to get really dirty in the process and I’m convinced that is good for me.

Every now and again I’m going to write things and post them here. Sometimes I may write a lot in bursts, and other times you probably won’t hear from me for months. And I’m still figuring out what I like writing about, so it’s a bit eclectic at the moment. But welcome nonetheless, and thanks for visiting! Feel free to poke around.